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I scanned these in the same session as my Preston Blair pictures, I thought I might as well put them up and I like some of the characters on them.

I've been trying to come up with a singer for a pinball simulation I'm working on. This is the best so far. I also really like how the rabbits hair looks like dreads when he has the bandana on.

Top two are copies of stuff I found on John's blog. The bottom two are a dog with a waistcoat and a rabbit in dungarees. The fact that the dog who isn't wearing any pants looks less perverted than the rabbit in dungarees kinds of scares me. Guess I'm not that used to seeing pants on animals or even waistcoats for that matter.

Underneath the awful Mat Groening Esque self portrait is my favourite yet. The Kangaroo with a Bum-Bag/Fanny-Pack. Kinda looks like the Bronk or Bongo on the 1st page with the legs and nose. The thin guy was just an experiment. Grumpy wrinkled guys my dad.